Retirement Plan Design and Administration

We help you design, adjust and maintain your retirement plan to best fit your organization's goals.


Plan Design and Administration

Whether you are a sole proprietor, a partnership, an LLC or LLP, a non-profit or taxable corporation, there are several types of qualified retirement plans that can meet your needs. A retirement plan can serve many purposes, from tax sheltering income to attracting and retaining employees.

Our expertise in a wide variety of areas allows us to consult on all aspects of a retirement plan. Aldrich Retirement Solutions can assist a Plan Sponsor with everything from adding value to the structure and design of a plan to maximizing the benefits for owners and their key employees.

Plan Types

Some of the plans we work with regularly include:

Actuarial Services

Our in-house actuaries are experts at designing and administering cash balance and defined benefit pension plans for companies ranging from sole proprietors to large partnerships. Utilizing our team of professionals, we can help you maximize your deductible retirement savings contributions.

Plan Document Services

We are experienced working with a wide range of plan documents for defined contribution, defined benefit, cash balance, 401K and 403(b) plans. Our professionals will guide you through the design of a plan document to make sure it fits the needs of your business while managing the regulatory rules that exist.

Compliance Services

Annually, we test the plan for regulatory compliance and report the results to the plan sponsor. Our services including annual preparation of plan sponsor reports, including contribution analysis, plan balance sheet, and plan statement of operations as well as custom reports. We also prepare the annual Form 5500, applicable schedules and Summary Annual Report.