Beyond the Benchmark: Market Commentary with Darin Richards


For the second consecutive quarter, earnings came in well above expectations and contributed to strong returns for domestic stocks. As was the case last quarter, the growth-oriented areas of the market easily outperformed the more defensive sectors. International stocks repeated last quarter’s dominance and both developed and emerging market returns exceeded domestic returns. Faster growth in Europe, Japan, and emerging Asia is helping drive impressive returns so far this year. Although the Fed made good on its promise to raise rates, with two rate hikes so far this year, long-term interest rates actually declined slightly as inflation came in below expectations.

Watch our market commentary video below, featuring Nicole Rice interviewing Chief Investment Officer Darin Richards, to hear more about what drove strong returns in the second quarter.




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Darin joined the firm in 2004, bringing more than 13 years of investment and financial consulting experience with him. As Chief Investment Officer he is responsible for developing, and implementing our investment philosophy and leading the Aldrich Wealth Investment Committee. He works directly with some of our most complex and largest clients and also co-manages the Private Wealth (investments, tax planning, and financial planning) team.

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Nicole has dedicated her entire professional career to helping individuals and corporate clients with their financial needs. She has experience working in the areas of wealth management, retirement planning, tax accounting, design and implementation of non-qualified benefit plans, insurance, and qualified benefit plans. Nicole provides investment-related guidance to individuals and businesses to meet their short and long-term financial goals.

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